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The eGrants platform is a comprehensive grant management system used by eligible recipients and the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) for managing an integrated strategic planning tool and funding application.  eGrants replaced the Education Success Planning and Evaluation System (ESPES) and currently allows for submittal of:
The following modules were created and presented by the eGrants vendor, HMB Inc., during the LEA Implementation Plan and Consolidated Grants Application training.  Additional updates have been made to reflect the current eGrants platform—effective March 28, 2016.
For a summary of the eGrants project background as well as features of the application, please click here.
Consolidated Grant Application Resources
Consolidated Grant Application – DDOE's Consolidated Grant Application is the method by which districts and charters request the majority of their federal and state program funds from the Department.  The consolidated application process provides the opportunity for districts and charters to consolidate their resources and planning efforts, decrease paperwork, and increase program efficiency by requiring one—not multiple—application for selected federal and state programs.
For technical assistance, please contact the Performance Management Workgroup via e-mail at  Specific Consolidated Grant contacts are:
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